Unboxing ARCHSPIRE raw multi-tracks

Yes. Just YES.

Eyal Levi takes you on a guided tour of the raw multi-tracks for “Remote Tumor Seeker” by Archspire. It was originally recorded and mixed by Dave Otero.

This song is a masterpiece of technical death metal and yes, this session is every bit as insane as you think it is!!!

A few highlights:

  • These drums are REAL (aside from the kick of course) courtesy of Spencer Prewett. Yes there is a snare sample but as you can see it’s just a little reinforcement, not replacement.
  • Note all the dynamics in the snare. You don’t want to lose these by sample replacing it!
  • Absolutely insane vocal performance from Oliver Rae Aleron as you would expect
  • Several guitar tones to blend or choose from with incredibly precise performances from Tobi Morelli and Dean Lamb
  • Quite a few layers of bass tracks from Jared Smith with several tones to choose from, each with their own character

Want more? Click here to get instant access to these multi-tracks and Dave Otero’s full mix session!

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