EP205 | Finn McKenty & Dan Tsurif

EP205 | Finn McKenty & Dan Tsurif

We’re talking marketing and when and how to invest money into your music career with Finn McKenty and Dan Tsurif.

Social media, paid engagement, buy ons, video content, paid mentorship: where modern marketing elements such as these fit into a music or production career and when to incorporate them are always at the top of the list of questions people ask. They’re also at the top of the list of things people tend to get wrong, and getting them wrong can be a waste of money and derail a career. If you want to know how to get them right then you’re definitely going to want to pay attention to what we’ve got to say on this episode.

If you’re not getting traction, instead of thinking that money is the answer, 99 times out of 100 the answer is that you need to keep working on the product.” – Finn McKenty


3:30 ‘Buying success’, having the resources to open doors
36:00 Paying for advice from successful people as a useful resource
42:00 Talking numbers on views/likes and when it’s time to invest in a project
48:00 URM Podcast and Asking Alexandria as case studies of developing a successful project
1:00:00 Bands buying on to tours – when it makes sense and when it doesn’t
1:17:00 The dynamic between in person events like NAMM or URM Summit and online interaction
1:30:00 Facebook ads, likes, and the evolving social media landscape
1:42:00 Graduate school, higher education – when does it help or hurt your career opportunities
1:58:00 Learning from the media approach of this generation of up and coming rap artists, music videos – “what’s the twist?”
2:21:00 The importance of having a social media following for a band versus a producer/engineer/mixer


Mercenary Management
The Punk Rock MBA
The Punk Rock MBA on Youtube

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