Why most people will NEVER achieve their dreams [ The Career Builder Show ]

You say you want it… but do you really??

Here’s the cold truth: making a living off of music is hard. There are a lot of talented, hungry people competing for what is honestly a pretty small number of slots in this industry, which means the battle gets fierce.

We’re saying this not to discourage you from pursuing your dreams — in fact, quite the opposite. We’re saying this because we want you to SUCCEED. And because we want you to understand that if you have an extraordinary goal like becoming an A-list producer who works with the best artists on the planet, you’re going to need to put in an extraordinary amount of effort to make it happen.

Would YOU be willing to do the crazy stuff Eyal talks about in this video??

In this episode of The Career Builder Show, Eyal talks about the borderline insane lengths he went to getting his band Daath signed to Century Media and Roadrunner – countless sleepless nights burning and handing out over 10,000 CD demos; long, lonely drives to go to a show where he knew he’d run into the important people… literally WHATEVER IT TOOK to make it happen. For years and years, until finally (as it ALWAYS does), the hard work paid off.

Just to be clear, we aren’t trying to tell you what your goals should be. Only YOU can decide that. We aren’t telling you that you should strive to be an A-list producer, a signed musician, or anything else — our point is simply that your actions should reflect what you’ve said your goals are.

And we’re saying this not to bum you out or lecture you, but because we want you to succeed! We want you to achieve every single goal you’ve laid out for yourself– so take a minute to look in the mirror and ask yourself, are my actions and my words saying the same thing? If they are, give yourself a high five… and if they’re not, you know what to do: stop reading this, and get to work! 🙂

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  1. That’s a good strategy, luckily today it’s even easier. You still have to put in a gargantuan amount of work in, but you no longer have to print CDs or need a label to make a career. One thing that is harder is you got to stand out and be different from everything that existed so far.

  2. Very inspiring sometimes I feel like that I’m more in love with the idea
    than taking action so that’s what I sing in this site to get more inspired
    and take action. I felt related I’m living in my studio working a day job
    and recording at night. Like he said I rather put 1 year fully effort
    and make it happen than live a life wishing i try harder.

    Keep uploading motivational videos. I really appreciate the guidens
    from someone who already went to the trouble to make it happen

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