Mixing CHELSEA GRIN: guitar solo vs synths

Synths can be tough to mix, and are often f***ed up by inexperienced mixers– especially when there are several layers of them competing with an already dense mix, like in “S.H.O.T.” by Chelsea Grin (something like 10 layers of strings competing with a blazing solo). With a ton of information across pretty much the entire frequency spectrum, it’s easy for the synths to drown out the rest of the mix without the right EQ moves. And yet at the same time, you need to be careful not to EQ the life out of either the synths or the guitars. It’s a tough balance that’s one of the arrangements most commonly butchered by metal mixers (both novices and many pros).

In this clip from his Nail The Mix session, Eyal Levi shows you how to do it the right way, balancing several layers of synth orchestration and a choir with a Jason Richardson guitar solo.

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