EP74 | Kyle Black Part 1

Ep74 | Kyle Black (Part 1)

Pop Punk production hero Kyle Black (Paramore, New Found Glory, All Time Low) opens up about everything from interns, guitar amp mic technique, and the right way to get your foot in the door of the music industry.

You get an all access pass into the vault of awesome gear Kyle has locked away in his Hollywood haven as well as an inside scoop on his dynamic approach to production and mixing. Kyle Black also answers your subscriber questions on topics such as tight but great feeling edits as well as what his favorite go to mics, compressors and preamps are for each element when tracking.

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“If I was 22 and wanted to be a producer or work in the industry and I was interning for you, I would give it 3 years of cleaning toilets..” – Kyle Black

This week, you’ll learn about:

– Sticking through the tough times of an internship for the long term goal
– Practicing humility and controlling your ego when competing against others in the field
– Kyle Black’s most coveted studio pieces
– His go-to guitar/bass recording chain
– Retaining a modern sound with organic intent by keeping elements off the grid


Kyle Black’s Website
Kyle Black on Nail The Mix

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  1. Thanks for recommending this episode Eyal. Pretty interesting, all the interning, editing, don’t talk when you’re not asked to. Brought back some memories :).

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