EP75 | Kyle Black (Part 2)

Ep75 | Kyle Black (Part 2)

Pop Punk production legend Kyle Black returns for an unprecedented back to back segment with Eyal for a discussion on work life balance, parallel compression, and his hand on the new Volumes record.

You will receive Eyal and Kyle’s philosophy on keeping a significant other while climbing the career ladder. Kyle also dives into new tips and tricks he has applied to his mixing on the highly anticipated upcoming Volumes release. You will also hear insight on how to deal with your master bus channel before sending a mix off to be mastered by a pro. When is the time right to find someone to manage your business? Just listen to Kyle and Eyal on this week’s episode!

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“I don’t have any set rules, I just go for what feels right.” – Kyle Black


– Working through sick spells
– When the time is right to acquire a business manager
– How to deal with conflicts of interest
– Focusing on your career before a personal life
– Not becoming pigeon hole’d into a certain genre
– Submitting a spec mix to a band in order to earn their trust
– Why outsourcing your band’s mix will garner a better result
– Kyle’s vocal chain for the new Volume’s record
– Taking gigs that might not be your favorite in order to be working all the time


Kyle Black’s Website
Kyle Black on Nail The Mix
Rogue Planet Mastering

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