EP97 | Andrew Wade

EP97 | Andrew Wade

Andrew Wade returns to the podcast to discuss an insanely long studio build, audio career development, and what it’s like working with A Day To Remember.

That’s only the beginning. On this episode we dive deep. From discussion about room treatment to being an effective producer no matter your level of notoriety to compressor talk. You know that there’s going to be tons of info to take away from this with Andrew Wade on board.

No one’s going to care about what you’re doing until you’ve done something that people care about.” – Andrew Wade


– The thought process behind how Andrew designed his studio
– How he grew his craft and business over time
– Why failures are actually invaluable tools for growth
– Details about recording A Day to Remember’s “Right Back at it Again”
– Andrew’s favorite vocal chain
– How to charge when you’re first starting out
– Boutique guitar amps Andrew loves
– And much, much more

The Studio

Drum Room A

Drum Room LED Panels


Band Apartment

Band Apartment


Eyal’s Control Room

Eyal's Control Room


Drum Room B

Drum Room


Vocal Booth

Vocal Booth


The gold floors in the studio


A closer look at the fiber optic panels


More lighted panels in the drum room



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