EP92 | Dear Joel

EP92 | Dear Joel

Joel Wanasek has the answers you need to make sure you stay #nosmalltime.

Want Joel to answer your questions? Send them to Joel@urm.academy with the subject line “Dear Joel.” The more detailed the better!

Being able to get a mix that’s competitive with the best of the best and do it in a few hours, and do it consistently, now that’s what separates the big time guys from everybody else.” – Joel Wanasek


– How to overcome feeling like you’re not progressing in your craft
– The importances of focusing on fundamental principles rather than waiting for “AH HA!” moments
– Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read in forums
– How to compare and choose converters
– How to deal with friends that are made of 4k
– Expanding your client base
– Joel’s advice for his 19 year old self
– And much, much more

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