EP84 | Mixcritmonday Gojira Edition

EP84 | Mixcritmonday Gojira Edition

On this #Mixcritmonday episode we’re checking out three subscriber mixes of Gojira’s Toxic Garbage Island.

It’s gut check time, guys. How are your mixes coming along? Are they sounding godly yet? Are you not quite sure? Listen to this episode for some guidance on how to get into top 20 territory.

Do you prefer to have an all natural mix that nobody hears because it wasn’t picked or one that has samples in it that people hear?” – Eyal Levi


– The elements that make Logan Mader’s mix a reference quality mix
– Making sure your ambiances match
– Why you need to make sure you’re not piling on too many plugins
– Not getting stuck in the guitar tunnel
– Being realistic about the natural drums vs. sample debate
– Insight into what it takes to make a top 20 mix
– And much, much more


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  1. The guitar tunnel thing is because the guitars are out of phase with each other from the start. There will be tons of guitar tunnel mixes if they don’t realign the tracks.

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