EP83 | Logan Mader

EP83 | Logan Mader

Logan Mader joins us to discuss producing Gojira’s “The Way of All Flesh,” getting slamming and huge mixes, scoring movie soundtracks, and nailing clear but brutal guitar tones.

Working with bands like Gojira, Fear Factory, Soulfly, and Devildriver, Logan has demonstrated that he’s an absolute monster when it comes to production. We go back to the beginning and find out how he got there, and how he’s reinvented his career every step of the way. You’re in for some valuable insight into the technical side of those monstrous productions, as well as the mindsets needed for long term success in the music industry.

You can’t just show up and say ‘I want to do this. Here I am. Pay me.’” – Logan Mader


– Logan’s process for producing Gojira’s The Way of All Flesh
– The importance of the hustle
– Transitioning from musician to production
– The ins and outs of scoring films and video games
– Why it’s essential to treat people well and be able to build quality relationships in the industry
– Logan’s techniques and gear for getting great guitar tone
– And much, much more

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