EP209 | Jamie King & Dan Briggs

EP209 | Jamie King & Dan Briggs

Dan Briggs, bassist of Between the Buried and Me, and producer Jamie King join the podcast this week to discuss what it’s like working with each other, how you handle clients, and they go in-depth on BTAM’s process in the studio. These two make a great team and this is one conversation that you don’t want to miss out on.

All of our tastes in music and production styles and values have changed and it’s different. The problem with me in production is I enjoy the slick produced stuff, I enjoy the raw.” – Jamie King

My only memories of Colors are really just positive because the album was birthed out of, you know, this negative period doing Oz Fest, this horrible summer. It just fueled us like creatively.” – Dan Briggs


4:48 – How Dan and Jamie know each other and how Dan got into the band
6:13 – What it was like for Jamie to work with Dan
14:15 – Needing a producer who conceptually gets it
15:17 – Having animal sounds on the records
17:26 – What directions the band typically avoids
18:40 – How quickly the band works in the studio and what their process is like
25:37 – How the band uses Guitar Pro and similar software
32:43 – How Jamie plays mediator with bands
37:52 – What it takes to get repeat customers at the studio
42:44 – Making of Alaska and bringing new personalities together
59:00 – What came after Alaska and the band’s growth
1:01:22 – What it was like getting into Colors
1:06:18 – The myth of producers having a “sound”
1:08:22 – What the biggest challenges were with Colors
1:11:25 – How Alaska pushed the band
1:12:12 – What it was like touring with bigger bands
1:16:45 – How BTBAM’s success helped Jamie in the studio
1:20:21 – What came after Colors
1:21:16 – The snags that BTBAM hit along the way
1:24:38 – The line between a producer’s involvement and what a band can do themselves
1:32:08 – How Dan creates bass lines that compliment the guitar parts
1:34:53 – How Jamie approaches mixing a bassist and getting guitar tones
1:41:21 – Being open minded with clients
1:44:07 – Art being a constant journey
1:45:00 – How the Orbs lineup came about
1:47:17 – How to keep your sound and not have things get stale

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