EP208 | Kevin Antreassian

EP208 | Kevin Antreassian

Kevin Antreassian, producer and guitarist for The Dillinger Escape Plan, joins the podcast to discuss what it’s like running a studio, creating a YouTube channel, and teaching the next generation of the music industry. Kevin has produced hundreds of records and knows the struggles of owning your own studio. If you want to know what it takes to make it in the industry, you won’t want to miss out on this episode.

You have to figure out your formula and you have to get the right people involved. An you have to put out quality content, you can’t just put out trash.” – Kevin Antreassian


0:02:46 – Is Dillinger Escape Plan done?
0:03:39 – Trying to start up a business with a touring member of a band
0:06:39 – Having his studio/rehearsal space shut down
0:11:41 – How long it took to get the business stabilized and having to take business from anyone
0:13:42 – Having engineers threatened in the studio
0:16:20 – Other studio stories about some of the people who would come in and make ridiculous requests
0:20:42 – Going DIY when it comes to fixing things around the studio
0:26:41 – Making sure things are done right when it comes to construction in the studio
0:31:11 – Starting a YouTube channel and how it isn’t as easy as one might think
0:36:34 – Trying to figure out the balance of how long videos should be
0:43:31 – Responding to comments on your videos
0:46:45 – Teaching at a university
0:52:46 – If Kevin’s background makes his students more stoked to learn
0:53:53 – Explaining that he’s fallible and his method isn’t the only method
0:59:02 – Kevin’s favorite thing about having interns
0:59:12 – Never being too old to learn


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