EP202 | Billy Decker

EP202 | Billy Decker

We’re incredibly excited to have Billy Decker back on the show to talk beating cancer, Nashville standards, and maintaining motivation.

Mixing is almost as much a state of mind, as it is a state of hearing.” – Billy Decker


5:00 How Billy’s Attitude towards life has changed post-cancer
17:00 Adding extra production elements or vocals that aren’t strictly part of the mix process, where do you draw the line?
23:00 The Nashville work ethic and quality of musicianship, full sessions recorded in a half-hour.
28:00 Starting to track one piece at a time, mixing heavy rock with female vocals, how that has changed Billy’s process.
32:00 Applying other people’s settings with context to your own mixes rather than simply copying.
37:30 Learning from other Nail the Mix sessions and what those mixers are great at.
51:55 Dealing with disgruntled clients.
1:00:00 Producing as a way to maintain motivation, other ways to prevent burnout.
1:07:00 Parallel compression strategies, using Gain Reduction on lead vocals instead of 1176, sneaking in a Def Leppard snare sample into a country mix.
1:18:00 Country-based Nail The Mix sessions, audience feedback


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