EP200 | Jasen Rauch

EP200 | Jasen Rauch

Guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Jasen Rauch (Red, Breaking Benjamin, Love & Death) joins us to give his perspectives on work ethic, navigating personalities, and dealing with higher profile clients.

The music industry requires constant and quick adaptation, and Jasen embodies that. If, for some reason, you feel like your career is requiring too much attention or you think you’re working too hard, and you’re starting to doubt yourself, this is one you need to hear.

Learn who you’re working for.” – Jasen Rauch


9:00 Why, even with Full Sail and recording schools, work ethic and attention to detail is often under-emphasized in terms of getting your career off the ground
27:00 Figuring out the personalities of A&R guys, bands, etc and finding common ground solutions for all parties
35:00 Jasen’s experience joining Breaking Benjamin
39:00 Working with higher profile clients and “song briefs”
49:00 Jasen’s take on work/life balance, being careful with taking on projects
1:00:00 Using pure tactics vs having the right strategy for each project
1:16:45 Jasen’s advice for advancing your career
1:22:00 Working with Brian “Head” Welch on his band, Love and Death; working on the last two Breaking Benjamin records


Breaking Benjamin
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