EP187 | Andy Marsh

EP187 | Andy Marsh

Andy Marsh (Thy Art Is Murder) is a killer guitarist, as well as having branched out behind the scenes with Graphic Nature Management, and the twists and turns his path has taken to get to where he is are fascinating.

While Andy’s path isn’t common (let’s just say it involves rugby and multiple, severe bodily injuries) the mindset and strategies he applies to his work are things that everyone could benefit from applying to their own efforts.

Some people will get to the limit of their energy and just push through it, and really their just doing themselves a disservice. Have a good night’s sleep. Whatever idea that you’re struggling with for 4 hours from 10pm till 2am, if you just slept you might have come up with it in 5 minutes by the time you wake up.” – Andy Marsh


5:30 Balancing full time band duties with recording, producing other bands
8:30 Andy’s time management – being upfront with clients, keeping notes and reminders
16:00 How efficiency at airports and travel add up
22:00 File/note sharing, Slack, shared calendars, focus on simple organization, templated folders of tour documents
32:00 John Cleese’s time blocking for creativity, specific environments for work/play, Pomodoro method
40:00 Pushing yourself but knowing your limits, sleep needs and days off
46:00 Andy’s rugby background and injury, finger injury, deciding to pursue guitar
54:00 Learning the ‘rules’ and terminology of guitar and reading tablature before actually picking up a guitar
1:05:00 Joining The Amity Affliction within a few years of picking up guitar
1:14:00 Learning via visualizing, joining Thy Art Is Murder, learning 15 songs in a day
1:19:00 Using Kemper profiles of album tone live, prioritizing a good sound guy, getting guitar tones on ‘Dear Desolation’
1:26:00 Parallel mix bus outside of compression, Kemper/Revalver, Superior Drummer, efficient songwriting
And much, much more

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Thy Art Is Murder
Graphic Nature Management

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