EP183 | Ultimate Drum Production With Matt Brown

EP183 | Ultimate Drum Production With Matt Brown

Joel brings Matt Brown on board for this special episode to discuss URM Academy’s Ultimate Drum Production.

Curious about what you’ll learn from the Ultimate Drum Production course? You’re in luck. Matt details the course, section by section for us, and provides a bit of insight into how these building blocks can lead to an evolution in your drum productions.

I just can’t even imagine what some of the people are going to be doing with this information five years from now.” – Joel Wanasek


4:30 Growing up in the studio environment with father
8:15 Recording drums as the benchmark for engineers
9:45 ‘Speed Mixing’-sized impact on the community
11:00 The anatomy of a Drum overview
14:00 When Joel met Matt the first time
15:30 Drum head importance
24:00 The science and physics of drums
29:00 Ringy snares and overtones
32:00 Paramore Riot! drums
37:00 Tuning and misconceptions about tuning to a note
43:00 Finding the optimum pitch for each individual drum
47:00 The source makeup of drums, mics, room
52:30 How everyone will learn from this class from entry level to seasoned pros
55:20 Cymbals and cymbal choice
58:00 Mixing overview, versatility in different scenarios
And much, much more


Ultimate Drum Production

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