EP18 | Kurt Ballou

EP18 | Kurt Ballou

Kurt Ballou is known for having one of the rawest most brutal signature production styles. His records burst with pummeling grit, yet they’re always punchy and huge.

We sat down and discussed the method behind his sonic madness with a focus on guitar tone, as well as how he built and maintained his career.

One of the most prolific producers in metal/hardcore/punk, Kurt Ballou worked with a laundry list of bands including everyone from Champion and Have Heart to Kvelertak, Cave In and Nails. He also plays guitar in Converge, one of the most influential hardcore bands of the past two decades (currently on their eighth album).


– Kurt Ballou’s thoughts on studio etiquete
– Surgical EQ tips
– Balancing budget vs time
– The difference between panning space and reverb space
– Cool uses for saturation plug ins
– Using notches instead of low pass filters
– The science of sound
– Of course pedals and cab!
– Smoothing out harsh upper mids


Kurt Ballou’s Studio 
Kurt Ballou’s discography

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  2. Hello! I just found your podcast from searching for Mr. Ballou on the podcasts app. I am looking forward to read and hear more on your website! I know some of the names associated with this podcast from MetalSucks. I make music too and hope to learn a lot. How come there is no “About the Unstoppable Recording Machine” link? I’d like to check out your jams because most of the time, it seems that engineers are musicians too.

    Also, it’d be neat to see some other records you guys have done. I haven’t listened to any other episodes besides this one, but I’ve downloaded quite a few more. I am sure you guys get asked this a lot and I bet its on the podcast also. Anyways, looking forward to learning from you guys!

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