EP170 | Ryan Fluff Bruce

EP170 | Ryan “Fluff” Bruce

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce is back with us for a talk about being reliable, incorporating new skills, and the 2017 URM Academy Summit.

There are few guys out there right now that are putting in as much work to blaze their own path in the audio industry as Fluff. He exemplifies the creativity that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. You can’t just copy what he’s already done (seriously… don’t be the person that makes that mistake), but there’s work ethic lessons galore in this discussion.

How many young people really can grasp and adequately take advantage of a good opportunity, because I certainly couldn’t when I was 22 or 23.” – Ryan “Fluff” Bruce


– Diversifying
– The reality of coming to the game when you’re older
– Developing the ability to recognize good opportunities
– Taking risks
– 2017 URM Summit lecture details
– How Fluff learned video production, and why you should too
– And much, much more


Fluff’s Youtube Channel
The Life Update video mentioned in this episode

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  1. Loved this episode. Was curious if Fluff remembers what specific public speaking courses he took and if he’s open to share that with us?



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