EP169 | Sam Pura

EP169 | Sam Pura

Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Hundredth, The American Scene) joins the show to talk drum tones, workflow, and the weird way he tracks guitar DIs.

Sam is known for producing amazing sounding punk albums. After listening to the depth and precision he uses to craft his workflow and gear it’s going to be a bit more clear why that is. He really brings it from both the technical and artistic sides. Whether you’re looking to nerd out on gear talk or you’re looking for some inspiration this episode is one to pay attention to.

Everyone’s just like, ‘Well, how do I make this sound good right now?’ Well, you fucking figure it out. You fucking try, try, and try again until you get a fucking result that you’re fucking stoked on and then you move the fuck on.” – Sam Pura


– Why Sam takes a “plug and play” approach to his studio
– Enjoying the process
– Recording guitars as just DIs
– The importance of the drum room
– Creating your own personal workflow
– And much, much more


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The Waiting Room TV
Best Friends with Sam Pura Podcast
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