EP147 | Matthew Weiss

EP147 | Matthew Weiss

Grammy nominated engineer and Pro Audio Files contributor Matthew Weiss joins the podcast for some genre bending discussion.

Successful producers and engineers understand that there is a massive benefit to being well versed in multiple genres. Even if you’re working primarily in one genre, at least being aware of production techniques and career strategies that are more prevalent in other genres will pay off. Matthew is knocking out killer mixes in hip hop and edm, and his perspectives on career, audio, getting clients, and education are things you should listen to regardless of what you’re working on.

Working on getting work is 50% of my job.” – Matthew Weiss


– How to approach “high risk” projects
– Working on getting work
– Tackling music on all fronts
– Genre differences and universal truths
– Pro Audio Files
– Matthew’s tips for mixing hip hop and edm
– And much, much more


Weiss Sound
The Pro Audio Files

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