EP124 | Beau Burchell

EP124 | Beau Burchell

We’ve got Beau Burchell here to provide insight into how he’s worked to build and maintain dual careers as guitarist for Saosin and a kickass producer.

Having Beau on board to mix Saosin’s “The Silver String” for Nail the Mix this month is going to be amazing. And we’re equally excited to have him on the show with us to dive deep talking about his path in the industry as both a musician and producer.

Every record that you work on, the better the record does the better that is for you, because no one cares about a rad record you did that no one heard.” – Beau Burchell


– Balancing being a musician with a career in audio production
– How to deal with miscommunications and plain old dumb moments that people have during recording
– Why sometimes you have to put yourself in check
– What to look for from people you get mix input form
– Details about Beau’s tracking and mixing workflow
– And much, much more


Beau’s studio
Nail the Mix for May, with Beau mixing Saosin’s “The Silver String
EP2 | Musical Translator, which is mentioned in our discussion

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