EP105 - Live Sound Masterclass With Steve Lagudi

EP105 | Live Sound Masterclass With Steve Lagudi

Live sound engineer and producer Steve Lagudi (Machine Head) joins us to talk about something that doesn’t usually get enough attention: live sound.

We’re all working on becoming better in the studio, but something a lot of mixers don’t spend enough time considering is live sound. Working live sound is a great way to boost your overall mixing skills. Just for starters, the discipline to commit to sounds is something all producers could stand to learn. Live sound is also it’s own beast in many ways. Steve Lagudi has a wealth of knowledge to share that’s going to help you tame that beast.

Your work is what does it, it’s not about your resume.”  – Steve Lagudi


– How to find your roadmap through live sound
– Steve’s method for EQing
– Getting kickass guitars in your live mixes
– How Steve handles guitar and bass for Machine Head’s live shows
– Handling DIs
– Why you shouldn’t be “that dick soundguy”
– And much, much more

Geek out with us on the Robert Scovill video discussed in this episode

Snooping on, “Big” Mick Hughes, Metallica’s longtime live sound engineer

Big Mick Metallica


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Bob McCarthy’s Sound Systems” Design and Optimization
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