EP 319 | Tyler Smyth

EP 319 | Tyler Smyth

Tyler Smyth is a Grammy-nominated producer, the singer for Dangerkids, and a songwriter.

On this episode:

2:32 – How the rock genre cannibalizes itself

24:09 – Working on high stakes projects when you don’t have a track record

33:46 – Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you need to do

1:09:51 – You need to have tact when dealing with artists

1:22:07 – Knowing when a song is done

1:41:46 – Learning what your strengths are and how to lean into them

2:12:00 – You just need to get started even if you’re afraid to fail

2:40:07 – Having an ego and pride isn’t a bad thing – it’s about how you handle them

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