EP 268 | Adam "Nolly" Getgood and Ermin Hamidovic

EP 268 | Adam “Nolly” Getgood and Ermin Hamidovic

Adam “Nolly” Getgood is the co-founder of GetGood Drums and an insanely talented mixing engineer whose sound has become the template for an entire generation of bands. He’s worked with Devin Townsend, Good Tiger, and Periphery.

Ermin Hamidovic is the owner of Systematic Productions, the author of The Systematic Mixing Guide, and a killer mastering engineer who’s worked with Periphery, Architects, and many more.

“It might be the arts that come out on top as some of the most valuable things that could come out of this period. More than ever people want music to listen to, art to consume in one way or another.” – Nolly


2:28 – Moving and stalkers 

12:52 – Don’t assume you know someone because you follow them on socials

27:36 – the upside of VIP packages

34:10 – Gossip and how celebrities manage to have decades-long careers

46:25 – Stoicism and humans’ mental capacity

1:00:11 – It’s hard to know who to trust in the media

1:10:47 – Trying to make what you can control better

1:20:57 – Lockdown living situations

1:34:06 – How COVID has affected work

1:49:18 – Creating products vs. taking mixing work

2:18:09 – Making your own luck

2:29:04 – If you suck at first, practice and listen

2:40:10 – Analyzer tricks for balancing the volume of a mix

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