EP 249 | Joseph McQueen and Josh Gilbert

Mixing machine Joseph McQueen and As I Lay Dying bassist Josh Gilbert have spent years working together and honing their crafts. These guys are prime examples of how to kill it in the industry.


3:35 – What it was like for Joe and Josh to find each other in Alabama

10:28 – How Josh ended up getting into recording

17:55 – Is LA oversaturated?

30:10 – Just networking isn’t going to be enough

33:13 – How you can get better at interacting with others

44:46 – Imposter syndrome 

59:49 – What it’s like for Joe and Josh to challenge each other

1:03:44 – What local bands don’t have and how to set expectations on both sides

1:19:12 – What are the effects of sleep deprivation?

1:23:47 – How to not get burnt out while not having set work hours

1:31:43 – Joe’s near-death experience

1:41:22 – How Joe ended up working on the As I Lay Dying album

1:55:15 – Having the knowledge to look for specific things when you’re in the studio, but not get stuck on any one thing

2:02:31 – How Joe gained the trust of the rest of the guys in As I Lay Dying

2:17:36 – Hitting goals and learning how to not dwell on them so you can focus on what comes next

2:32:55 – What went into the bass tone on Awakened

2:37:30 – The snare crack on Shaped by Fire

2:40:36 – What it’s like for Joe and Josh to work together and how it changed their process

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