EP 243 | Jeff Balding

EP 243 | Jeff Balding

Jeff Balding is a producer, mix engineer, and tracking engineer who can’t be pinned down to one genre. He’s worked with major country acts such as Florida Georgia Line and Shania Twain while forging a relationship with the metal behemoth Megadeth.


2:10 – What it takes to set yourself apart 

12:53 – Trying to emulate others exactly doesn’t work because you can’t create clones

20:47 – Jeff’s journey to working as a chief engineer and realizing that you can go create anything

29:15 – Going where the opportunities are and why it’s worth the risk

33:36 – How to not forget what the big picture is

40:24 – The unusual way that Jeff got in with Megadeth

47:40 – Do The Eagles come to the studio with all of their vocal parts prepared?

52:05 – Staying relevant and reinventing yourself are crucial to your career

59:45 – Why Jeff has one bar for his work, regardless of genre

1:05:24 – How your lifestyle impacts your work


Jeff Balding’s website

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