Unboxing Periphery “Prayer Position” raw multi-tracks

These drums!!!

Eyal Levi takes you on a guided tour of the raw multi-tracks for “Prayer Position” by Periphery, as seen in Nolly’s Nail The Mix from 2016.

Here’s a few things to note as you watch the unboxing:

  • Some truly sublime drum tracks courtesy of Matt Halpern. And note that (as far as we can recall) no drum samples were used in the final mix of this song. So if you are thinking about adding a bunch of drum samples to this one, consider instead watching Nolly’s Nail The Mix and see how he got that tight, super punchy sound without samples!
  • Nolly’s bass tracks come as DIs and amped tone – Spencer Sotelo’s vocals have some processing done on the way in (recorded with the help of Taylor Larson), but there’s still lots to work with
  • And of course, plenty of guitars to work with from Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb
  • Some fun extra stuff including a little Moog and viola

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