Unboxing Emmure “Flag Of The Beast” multi-tracks


Eyal Levi takes you on a guided tour of the raw multi-tracks for “Flag Of The Beast” by Emmure, as seen on Nail The Mix in 2017.

Here’s a few things to note as you watch the unboxing:

  • This is one of the most intricate episodes ever of Nail The Mix! Eyal is using Pro Tools in this video, but WZRD BLD and Jeff Dunne use Cubase and go into insane detail in their Nail The Mix.
  • Some extremely well-done programmed drums (using Getgood Drums)
  • A MONSTER bass track. The secret here is very simple: it’s played by Josh Travis (formerly of Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Glass Cloud) who is one of those guys with magic in his hands.
  • Insanely brutal, percussive rhythm guitar tracks! Again, this is due to Josh Travis’ “finger tone” more than anything else.
  • A killer vocal performance by Frankie Palmeri – you can see that although people talk a lot of smack on Emmure, all the performances in this song are absolutely top notch (and you’d be smart to learn as much as you can from them)
  • Lots and lots of interesting effects, synths, post-production and other stuff like the “ticks” track that add that extra layer of polish that really takes the song over the top

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