Mixing massive vocal harmonies w/ Kane Churko + Gemini Syndrome

65 vocal tracks?!

Kane Churko shows how he approaches high track-count vocal harmonies using the raw multi-tracks for “You Are Not Alone” by Gemini Syndrome, which has literally dozens of layers of vocals and nails that huge, polished radio rock vocal sound.

A few things to note about his approach in this clip:

  • His goal isn’t to make it sound like dozens of tracks. It’s just to make the vocals sound thick, dense and in your face
  • He mostly reserves quad stacking for thicker parts like the pre-chorus and chorus (lead, double, left and right)
  • He uses Pro Tools with Slate FG-73, Sonnox Oxford EQ, and Eiosis E2 Deesser, but the same techniques will work with any DAW and similar plugins

Try it out in your next mix when you’re dealing with massive track counts and let us know what you think!

Get instant access to the Gemini Syndrome multi-tracks Kane Churko’s full mixing session here.

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