EP51 | Drum Talk With Matt Brown

EP51 | Drum Talk With Matt Brown

Drum mastermind, Matt Brown, wants you to craft stellar drum recordings, and on this episode we’re dropping some knowledge to get you started on that path.

The drums on your productions need to sound killer. There are few things that will kill a song’s feeling faster than lame drums. And there are few people that are more qualified to impart wisdom about how to make sure you don’t end up with lame drums than Matt. We touch on a range of elements, from getting your drummer up to snuff on playing to a click, to how to play to the strengths of your setup, and knowing how to cater your production for the specific job.

Approaching something from the idea that somebody can fix it later doesn’t mean success and a long career.” – Matt Brown


– How Matt started down the path to drum greatness
– Tips for getting good results from a small, dead room
– The click, and how to artfully play to it
– Making the most of a meager setup
– Why you don’t actually always want to use room recordings
– What Matt has learned from recording with classic acts and in different genres
– And much, much more

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