EP48 | Sterling Winfield

EP48 | Sterling Winfield

On this episode, we’ve got Sterling Winfield on board for a great talk about his extraordinary career, which has included time working with Pantera, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, and Hellyeah.

There’s so much to learn from engineers and producers like Sterling, who have been in the industry long enough and have worked with enough legendary professionals to have acquired more recording knowledge than many will ever have the chance to. From his experience spending hours recording Dimebag Darrell, to what mic Phil Anselmo recorded with on Far Beyond Driven, to how to be a live sound expert, to why it sometimes makes sense to get off the bus, this one is stuffed full of amazingness.

I learned the most valuable lessons from [Pantera]: ‘You’d better eat something or you’re going to be really hungover,’ and ‘It’s not the gear it’s the people.’” – Sterling Winfield


– Sterling’s time in the studio and doing live sound with Pantera
– Old school vs. modern production
– The gear used to record Pantera, and why it wasn’t the gear that mattered
– Working with Terry Date
– Sterling’s decision to transition away from a life on the road
– And much, much more

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