EP34 | Sahaj Ticotin

EP34 | Sahaj Ticotin

Sahaj Tocotin (record producer, vocalist of Ra) is with us in this episode to talk about fearlessly approaching the process of songwriting.

For many of us, songwriting is going to be a part of the production process at one time or another. A producer with serious songwriting chops will always go further in their career. Do you have what it takes to save a client from a shitty song? What can you do to keep your workflow running smoothly? Do you feel like you have the finesse to write hits? We’re going to give you a head start.

On one side, you have to have the confidence to move on and not dwell on something for too long. On the other… you have to have the strength and courage to fight for a good idea, however many times you have to fight for it.” – Sahaj Ticotin


– Effective time management and learning to move on
– How to make a living with songwriting
– The base elements of a healthy workflow
– What makes a hit song
– And much, much more


Sahaj’s Production Site

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