EP30 | Gregory Scott

EP30 | Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott of Kush Audio and Sly-Fi Digital joins us to discuss his philosophies about gear and how to use it musically.

Whether you’re interested in the process of developing analog hardware and plugins or you want to know what your own gear is actually doing to your mixes, Gregory Scott has all sorts of info for you to absorb.

Ideas are a dime a dozen… What matters the most in any endeavor is having the resources, and by resources I mean the time, the money, the connections, to get stuff done.” – Gregory Scott


– How Gregory’s tendencies as a mixer have led to his innovation as a gear designer
– What’s really up with the difference between analog and digital
– Why collaboration is often the key to success in any endeavor
– Getting connected to movement in a mix by pushing faders
– Techniques to better hear the effects of compression and eq
– And much, much more


The House of Kush

Sly-Fi Digital

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  1. There’s so much incredible info crammed into this episode, I’m on my third listen and keep picking up new ideas. His techniques for learning to hear compression have already changed my mixes for the better and I’m making a list of all the other things he talks about, there’s a lot!!

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