EP203 | Michael Beinhorn

EP203 | Michael Beinhorn

Michael Beinhorn (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Soundgarden) brings his immense experience to the topics of leaving your mark, building a career, pre-production, and much more.

If we listed all of the important records Michael has worked on this page would be way too long. He’s made his mark at the upper echelon of multiple genres. There’s a lot to take away from his perspective on how he’s gotten to where he is, and how he continues to blaze new trails.

It’s important to have a sense of recognizing what your name means on someone else’s work.” – Michael Beinhorn


7:30 Meeting and working with Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock.
17:30 The reality of what is likely to follow initial success.
27:00 Getting to do Red Hot Chili Peppers record and identifying with the ‘black sheep’ of record labels
32:00 Dealing with drug abusing musicians and their individual personalities
39:00 Working on Korn’s ‘Untouchables’ – super high budget and production values
44:00 The importance of pre-production – cutting from 40+ demo ideas with Korn, artistic intent and self-knowledge
59:30 Why, on any record where a band member has had to have been fired, they were at a place of no coming back
1:07:00 Michael’s philosophy on editing drums/rhythm section, editing by hand, with/without a click


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