EP193 | Brody Uttley

EP193 | Brody Uttley Of Rivers Of Nihil

On the show this time we’ve got Brody Uttley of Rivers of Nihil to talk music discovery, elements common to successful bands, and not being in the dark about your band’s viability.

Rivers of Nihil has been absolutely killing it, and the various elements that have led to that success have not gone unnoticed by Brody. There’s a lot of great information in here – not just for musicians, but all audio professionals, and anyone looking to build a successful career – to keep in mind.

Just having good dudes in your band that aren’t fucking weirdos will take your band way further than you’d think.” – Brody Uttley


9:00 Being aware of your own band’s health and lifespan
17:00 The importance of honest, open relationships in bands/label/manager relationships
20:00 Why every band needs one or two people who can function like ‘normal’ people in social situations and are business savvy
36:00 The process of discovering new music, implications for bands, Spotify playlists
50:00 The vinyl resurgence and importance of owning physical objects
57:00 The psychology of not responding to texts, online vs real-life interaction
1:00:00 The self-recording musician and the future of studio professionals
And much, much more


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