EP190 | Dan Lancaster

EP190 | Dan Lancaster

Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, Blink-182, Don Broco) is here to bring his expertise on acquiring “bigger” clients, the importance of structure in your schedule, and headphone mixing.

For a guy that openly talks about initially not wanting to be a producer, Dan has certainly become one of the best there is. How he got from one to the other is a master class on how to combine a willingness to learn through repeated experimentation, a solid strategy for maintaining flow, and figuring out how to connect with artists.

No matter how small, or uninspiring, or if sometimes some songs you’re working on aren’t very good – no matter what you’re working on – always try to please yourself as much as you possibly can to the very last detail. Walk away feeling that it sounds amazing.” – Dan Lancaster


2:30 Dan’s transition from musician in a band to producer, learning how to record and mix drums in the mid-2000’s
18:00 Structure, balance, and taking breaks to maintain that level of quality; transition to being known for mixing ability
30:00 Separating mix organization/prep and actual mixing time, different brain spaces
34:00 Mixing Bring Me The Horizon on headphones, BMTH as a career turning point
45:00 Low end and groove, working out of a commercial space vs home studio, big guitars with octave + Kemper
54:00 Working with Blink-182, recording drums in a large factory space
And much, much more

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