EP188 | Lenny Skolnik

EP188 | Lenny Skolnik (aka Yung Spielburg)

Lenny Skolnik (Yung Spielburg, Miyavi, All That Remains) brings us his insight on having an entrepreneurial approach to producing, how to build an amazing team, and crafting great hit songs.

When it comes right down to it, regardless of genre, there are certain approaches to the process that lead to successful results. Lenny’s experiences demonstrate what you can do with an open mind, a will to succeed, and an effort to refine and develop your methodology.

If you have created something that you really believe in, do not be afraid to get involved beyond the role of the music.” – Lenny Skolnik


4:30 Lenny’s drive to produce pop and be financially successful from a relatively early age, becoming Howard Benson’s first intern
13:00 The “Howardisms” that Lenny has taken in over the years of working with Howard Benson
18:00 Joel and Lenny’s mix process for Miyavi
30:00 The importances of getting people who are better than you at doing what they do on your team
40:00 Why, if you’re involved in a project you really believe in, you should get involved in the promotion/other roles
44:00 Songwriting and what makes a great song, what makes a hit
50:00 Starting the songwriting process with an intimate conversation that sparks a lyric or feeling, “connect with the people you’re creating with”
60:00 Writing a #1 Billboard song with All That Remains
And much, much more


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