EP185 | Tom Knight

EP185 | Tom Knight

Tom Knight joins us this time to dig into how to maintain creative momentum, careers in voice acting, and drumming strategy.

Tom’s approach to creativity, careers, and life is truly inspirational. His path through the audio industry is wide ranging and fearless. If you’re interested in strategically preventing yourself from getting put in a box, this one’s definitely for you.

I do whatever I do to get past the feeling of loss on a bad day, and sometimes that means not doing anything. Sometimes that means just sucking it up, letting the day go, and starting again tomorrow.” – Tom Knight


5:00 Imitation as a primary form of learning
13:00 Maintaining productivity
20:00 The power of perspective in judging your recordings
35:00 Why an entitled attitude leads to no work, getting the “Hallows Eve” gig
46:00 Tom becoming the go to drummer for jazz teachers, moving into pop world, Dallas Austin, TLC
55:00 Shifting to the goal of “not being in a band anymore”, creating a demo reel, cold calling in Atlanta
1:01:00 Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, common attributes of successful people
1:11:00 EPKs, voice acting, self-taught video editing
1:22:00 Fitness, ‘300’ program, muscle-ups, applying focus
1:28:00 (The myth of) Limb independence, playing to a click
1:40:00 Playing MPC-style grooves on acoustic drums
And much, much more

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