EP175 | Johnny Minardi

EP175 | Johnny Minardi

Johnny Minardi returns to the podcast to chat about the secrets of A&R, getting return clients, and why you need to view the success of others as inspiration.

Between doing A&R for Roadrunner and Fueled By Ramen, managing producers with Self Titled Management, and Noise Creators Johnny is a great role model for how to get shit done in the recording industry. He’s built a knowledge base that encompasses pretty much every aspect of the industry, and we’re always happy to have him on board to share some of that knowledge with you.

When you see someone having success, and you want that success, there’s two people: there’s someone that goes, ‘Fuck that guy’ and they’re jealous, and then there’s guys that go, ‘Wow! I’d love to be doing that. How’d they do it?’” – Johnny Minardi


– What contributes to a successful A&R career
– Building connections at the label once you’re signed
– Viewing the success as others as inspiration, rather than getting jealous
– Producer management
– The things that lead to return clients for producers
– And much, much more


Johnny’s previous appearance on URM Podcast EP37
Fueled By Ramen
Self Titled Management
Noise Creators

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