EP167 | Eric Guenther

EP167 | Eric Guenther

Eric Guenther (The Contortionist, From Exile) sits in on this episode to shed some light on songwriting, collaboration, and being an effective keyboardist in rock/metal genres.

It seems like more rock and metal bands than ever are incorporating some sort of keys or synth in their music. Of course, that also means that there’s a lot of bands doing it without really having any idea how to not make a mess of things in the process. There are few people that we’d feel are as qualified as Eric right now to provide some guidance on the subject.

I kind of like that ability to use a wide variety of different toys on every record, so that each record has its own character and place in time in a way.” – Eric Guenther


– Using new tools to distinguish records from each other
– Getting keys to live peacefully with other instruments in a mix
– Finding creative ways to use pedals that “suck”
– Effectively working with collaborators to craft balanced arrangements
– How Eric uses Ableton for his live performances
– And much, much more


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