EP165 | Richard Chycki

We’re happy to have producer and engineer Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Rush) on the show to impart wisdom that he’s gained working at the industry’s top tier.

Richard’s discography reads like a who’s who of all time amazing musicians. There’s so much information to mine from this discussion it’s crazy. From the process behind getting amazing guitar tones from guitar gods to how to communicate in a manner that maximizes creativity to the benefits he sees when looking back on his path into the industry, if you want to hear the mindset of one of the all time greats, you’re going to want to pay close attention to this one.

The biggest attribute that I could give to the majority of artists I work with in the ‘upper echelon’ is that they are not chasing success, they’re being creative, and they’re doing what they want to do to express their musical outlet at that time in their lives.” – Richard Chycki


– Communicating effectively with artists
– The common traits of upper tier artists
– Dealing with “big personalities”
– Gaining trust
– What Richard would want to tell his younger self
– And much, much more


The monitors Richard mentions from Saltmine Studios on the podcast are as follows –
All TAD components,   8 x 15″ 1603 TADs and 2  4001 horns
MegaSound Cluster 5
With custom subs and 4 x 18″ Ciari woofers
Powered by 10,600 watts of Bryston – except  the subs which are powered by 2 x Crown MA 3600 amps



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