EP164 | Trevor Strnad

EP164 | Trevor Strnad

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder joins us to discuss his undying love for metal, what it takes to keep a band running at peak performance, and learning lessons about what to do (and what not to do) from the bands around you.

Trevor is undeniably one of the great metal frontmen, and anyone looking to be successful in an extreme metal band stands to learn a lot from what he shares in this episode. The Black Dahlia Murder has always done things their own way and they’ve done it well. They’ve faced adversity and roadblocks along the way, but they’ve excelled due to tenacity and skill.

That’s the ultimate goal. To be a tight band. To be a good band. To make good records that resonate. To make songs that are dynamic. To make songs that emote, despite being a fast band, despite being a death metal band.” – Trevor Strnad


– Trevor’s metal obsession
– Why it’s ok for musicians to be open about enjoying what they do
– Focusing on work ethic and professionalism
– How bringing in band members that aren’t local can be beneficial
– Developing a band and learning from those around you
– And much, much more


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