EP127 | John Browne

EP127 | John Browne

It’s been a long time coming; we’ve got John Browne on the podcast and we’re going all in on guitar tone and production philosophies.

Browne needs no introduction, his guitar playing is legendary, his picking hand spoken of in hushed voices in guitar forums everywhere. Ok… people don’t actually talk in guitar forums. We all get the point though: Browne is a guitar wielding badass. Not only is his playing insane, but his production chops are second to none. And he was kind enough to share some of how he does it so you don’t end up with productions that make your playing sound like a Lil Wayne solo.

Monitors are not meant for enjoyment, they’re meant for problem solving and working.” – Eyal Levi


– The early days of djent
– Finding your own style rather than just repeating what’s already been done
– Reamping issues
– Fitting guitar into the bigger picture of a mix
– Monitor selection
– What to do if playing your instrument is causing pain
– And much, much more

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  1. Actually Lost in the sound of separation was recorded by Adam D. and Matt Goldman and mixed by David Bendeth.

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