EP126 | Erik Ron

EP126 | Erik Ron

On this episode, producer/songwriter Erik Ron (Attila, Issues, Like Moths to Flames) shares his experiences rising through the ranks of the audio industry, and discusses the importance of navigating it with grace.

We were really caught off guard by the twists and turns of Erik’s career story. It’s important to remember that career paths almost never look like what we think they’re going to when we set out on them. Going with the flow, learning from mistakes (both yours and other people’s), maintaining professionalism in the face of roadblocks, and so many other lessons that you need to hear are crystal clear in what Erik discusses in this episode.

If you open up to be someone that people can confide in you’re going to get a lot farther along.” – Erik Ron


– Practicing your craft as an engineer
– Balancing attention to detail and speed
– How Erik got to where he is today
– Leading by example
– Maintaining relationships, even when things don’t go according to plan
– And much, much more

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