EP 220 | MixCritMonday Amaranthe Dyscarnate

EP 220 | MixCritMonday Amaranthe / Dyscarnate Edition

MixCritMonday is the show where we crit YOUR mixes!

Mixcritmonday returns with a brand new co-host, John Maciel! We’re thrilled to have him join us to break down URM student submitted mixes of “365” by Amaranthe and “Iron Strengthens Iron” by Dyscarnate.

“I think it’s really important, once you get the fundamentals, to really have a vision for what you want the mix to be.” – John Maciel


2:52 – What a balanced mix should sound like

8:33 – How to better handle the low end of a mix

18:08 – Needing more power in your mix and establishing a basic drum mix

28:13 – How to avoid an overblown mix and why sometimes you just have to start over

32:34 – Creating the room for the mix when it isn’t provided and when a snare needs a sample to give it more body and length

38:38 – When you should re-amp guitars for a mix and how you should handle the snare



Amaranthe Website

Dyscarnate FB

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