EP 213 | Nick Rad

Ep 213 | Nick Rad

Nick Rad joins us to talk about the transition from musician to full time producer, crushing your audio career even without a massive hit, and how to leverage your network for success.

Nick Rad is a mixing engineer, producer and musician who has worked with Skillet, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Jason Mraz among many others, in addition to playing in Hangnail and Acceptance. His career began in the 90s, which means he brings plenty of insight to the podcast where we talk about how he decided to work in production, how not to network, and a host of other lessons he’s learned from over two decades in the music industry.

“It might take me 10 hours to do one song, but it’s going to be epic when it’s done. That’s my thing.” – Nick Rad

2:35 – What it’s like working with artists from very different genres and how Nick ended up working in those genres
6:12 – How most producers don’t have a huge record and it’s a myth that you need one to make production work
9:35 – What drew Nick to the polished sound in his work and knowing who he is as a producer
12:36 – If Nick ever regretted sending a band to someone else
16:33 – How long Nick played music before diving into production and how his touring experience helped him
19:31 – How working with Aaron Sprinkle influenced his decision to work in production
21:33 – If Nick still had hope for playing in a band to work out after Acceptance broke up
24:54 – Making the transition from the band to producing
28:00 – Nick’s work on The Color Morale’s “Prey For Me” acoustic release
29:37 – What advice Nick would give on networking in socially fruitful situations and how it can lead to future clients
37:13 – How his work leads him to working with Hilary Duff
40:18 – If there’s more pressure when working with a big pop budget versus working on a rock album with a smaller budget
42:06 – What Nick’s fine-tooth comb process consists of
45:52 – What some of the common issues Nick comes across when working with vocals
51:49 – How to avoid losing recordings should an accident happen
58:05 – How Nick’s work with Stone Sour came about
1:03:49 – Nick being in a place where he can say no to projects he doesn’t want to work on
1:05:51 – Getting work through word of mouth instead of advertising and how not to network

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