Ep 210 | Matt Squire

Multi-platinum record producer Matt Squire joins the podcast this week to discuss the laws surrounding the music industry and streaming platforms, what it was like working with Panic! At The Disco, his ability to churn out ideas, his time with Max Martin, and many more interesting tidbits along the way.

“Now we’re back into investing in artists again, which is exactly where we should be. And we found a new way to do it.” – Matt Squire


2:05 – Matt spending time in Los Angeles
6:28 – How people involved in hardcore music are almost pre-selected in the music business
13:04 – Gatekeepers saying you only need to be right twice a year
14:12 – The digital era and the “death” of the music industry
18:41 – How Steve Jobs screwed the industry and how streaming is fixing it
22:44 – The lack of oversight in streaming and how it can be fixed
29:50 – The idea of a data collection law and how it can be implemented
36:51 – Powerful people not wanting to change and leveraging against it
43:19 – Why the industry needs to get smart about adaptability
48:11 – How Matt’s productions span quite the range and what his headspace is like when working
49:42 – Matt’s ability to churn out ideas
52:19 – Working with bands who come in with a vision
53:49 – What it was like working with Panic! At The Disco
56:37 – What Matt goes through when a writing producer isn’t needed
59:48 – Building up trust with bands before having a track record
1:02:33 – Looking at some of the records that hit big, like Metallica and blink-182, and getting bad ideas out
1:05:38 – How the production for Nevermind by Nirvana took longer than expected
1:06:17 – How amp settings inspire the way a band plays
1:06:52 – What separate the gold and platinum artists from the rest
1:11:05 – The ability to keep going without losing inspiration

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