EP 317 | Erik Rutan

EP 317 | Erik Rutan

Erik Rutan is the guitarist and lead vocalist of Hate Eternal, lead guitarist for Cannibal Corpse and a renowned producer.


2:47 – Beginnings of Erik’s musical journey – Ripping Corpse to Morbid Angel

19:45 – Why Morbid Angel chose Erik – balancing work, life, and sanity

32:05 – Cannibal Corpse – from producing to filling in to band member

45:12 – Mission accomplished – fulfilling the dream of owning an SSL

54:46 – The importance of techniques, gear, and texturing in recording

1:15:34 – Does great art require struggle?

1:25:41 – The birth of Hate Eternal and Mana Recording

1:35:00 – Communication and keeping good relationships is essential

1:42:36 – Not being risk-averse, integrity, and respect

1:53:46 – Having Paul use a click when recording Cannibal Corpse

1:57:48 – Creating dense mixes, using atmosphere, and keys to production

2:08:35 – How newer technology impacts Erik’s work

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