EP 276 | Jay Ruston

EP 276 | Jay Ruston

Jay Ruston is a producer/mixer who has worked with Amon Amarth, Diana Ross, Anthrax, Avatar, Steel Panther, The Damned Things, Stone Sour, and many other great acts. He trained under the legendary Jack Richardson and is part of a long tradition of top-tier, chart-dominating Canadian audio engineers.


2:01 – Mixing during Coronavirus

10:36 – Why are Canadians so good at audio?!

20:21 – What Jay looks for in an assistant

29:52 – Working with certain bands and knowing when to say no

42:10 – Avatar’s bass tone on Hail the Apocalypse

49:20 – Less is more

1:00:28 – Knowing when to get out of the way 

1:09:22 – Some studio people just didn’t adapt, but Jay did

1:14:30 – Jay’s drum sounds and vocals

1:22:57 – Gear and plug-ins aren’t always the answer

1:31:54 – Getting a low end that’s thick but clear

1:38:49 – Tips for musicians going into a studio

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