EP 260 | Buster Odeholm

EP 260 | Buster Odeholm

Buster Odeholm is a producer and mix & mastering engineer who kills it in the modern metal music scene. He’s worked with Born of Osiris, Sworn In, Oceano, and more.


5:43 – The travel life can be rough

28:58 – Buster’s start in production

41:09 – Did Buster learn music theory?

47:10 – Writing in Guitar Pro

1:04:42 – The URM Community vs. the general public

1:16:11 – Getting clients

1:25:26 – Does certain affirmation help?

1:41:30 – Buster’s first baritone 6-string guitar

1:48:26 – Choosing the right drum samples 

1:52:53 – Using multiple vocal tracks

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